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The Universe & the collective unconscious mind

In this thought experiment I would like to examine the cycle of space and time and how this may influence our lives. As mentioned in my previous theory, I believe all living creatures are woven into the fabric of space and time.

As a species we seem to have an inherit awareness of time. This awareness has been identified in many cultures across the world and is well documented.

A famous psychiatrist named Carl Jung explored the notion of the collective unconscious. In this theory he examined the idea of the unconscious as a universal datum, meaning a human being can inherit psychic archetype-layer from birth. One cannot acquire this through education or conscious efforts, because it is an innate ability or skill.

This unique ability or skill may not be instantly recognised by immediate family members, however if we were to examine the family tree of that person with this unique ability or skill, we may identify a distant ancestor with similar qualities. This is more than just family genes at work here.

As human beings, we believe we are in total control of the choices we make and our destiny. In fact this could not be further from the truth. The unconscious mind dominates a large portion of our lives from choosing a future partner to affecting our day-to-day decision-making processes.

Most of the time we are completely unaware of our unconscious thoughts and actions. However, as an observer you may be able to identify a person’s unconscious state of mind by observing their body language. A person whom is confused; may display erratic behaviour, completely unaware of their actions.

There are many examples of how the unconscious mind influences our day to day lives but very little evidence that explains the innate abilities or skills a human may possess. I would like to explore this in more detail and how this may be linked to the cycle of space and time.

The cyclic universe is in a constant loop. If the loop has always existed, with no starting point, one can easily extrapolate an infinite paradigm of information and existence. Like energy, information cannot be destroyed.

At this moment in time I’m not prepared to say the universe has a conscious. However, I am prepared to say it has an extraordinary memory of infinite possibilities, more powerful than any computer. Like Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, the universe possess the unique ability to retain information from a previous cycle of existence, then access it, for future reference.

If the human mind is woven into space and time, this would include the unconscious and conscious mind. If the universe has a memory of infinite possibilities it would store any actions or decisions made by human beings from a previous cycle. Every possible action I have made in previous cycle will be stored or imprinted onto the next.

Now for the interesting part.

What if the universe was able to determine our future actions based on the previous choices we’ve made. In a sense the universe is identifying the key markers we’ve made by the previous versions of ourselves and then acting upon them. We now have a question of control. Are we really in control of our destiny? Or is the universe continually calculating the probability of our future actions?

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