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The Universe makes a connection

Today I would like to continue with the theme of the unconscious mind. In my previous post I considered the connection between the human mind and the universe. Today I would like to take this a step further by examining the relationship.

Before I can consider this relationship I must first make a radical and controversial claim which may sound outlandish and very sceptical. I said in my previous post I was not prepared to say the universe has a conscious. However, in the absence of any other conclusion I am now unable to imagine a universe without one.

What is the purpose of life?

I’m not a religious man but I often ask myself this question. Today, I am going to attempt to answer it without including God in my conclusion. Before I do this, I need you, the reader to imagine something:

Imagine for a moment your conscious mind was able to leave your body and connect with the universe; without eyes, ears, nose and touch, you are no longer able to experience the world around you, as human being.

Instead your conscious mind is part of the universe unable to experience space and time in a human sense, trapped in an endless void without boundaries alone in the universe. This would be an unacceptable existence by human standards but as omnipotent being that never experienced life, in human form before, it would be unaware, of any difference.

Chance or Design?

If a connection exists between the universe and the human unconscious mind did this happen by chance or design?

A curious universe:

As the human race evolved, was a connection formed with the unconscious mind by chance?

The evolving universe:

Or did the universe evolve beyond its current parameters. This chain of events leads to the universe creating life so it can experience space and time through the eyes of human beings?

My instincts are telling me it is the latter.

The purpose of life:

We need the universe to exist and the universe needs life to be self-aware of its environment. A mutual collaboration.

Is the universe God?

As a non-religious person, I see life through the eyes of science. Even though religious readers of this post will automatically see God the creator.

I see things very differently. If the universe created us so it could evolve beyond its limited environment, then we are part of that evolutionary process. In essence we are the gate keepers that set the conscious free.

A final thought

The double slit experiment is an excellent example on how the universe might communicate with us on a conscious level.  I have always assumed in the past it is the detector that interferes with the pattern. However, it is equally possible this is a sign of intelligence.








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